Режим воспроизведения


Coming Down (lullaby version of Five Finger Death Punch) 03:36
Sober (lullaby version of Tool) 03:43
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella) 03:17
Let It Go (lullaby version of Idina Menzel/Frozen) 03:24
Space Oddity (lullaby version of David Bowie) 04:10
Everlong (lullaby version of Foo Fighters) 03:58
Bouncing Around The Room (lullaby vesion of Phish) 03:18
Crash Into Me (lullaby version of Dave Matthews Band) 05:38
Tears Don't Fall (lullaby version of Bullet For My Valentine) 04:08
Dancing Queen (lullaby version of ABBA) 04:28
Amber (lullaby version of 311) 03:23
Welcome Home (lullaby version of Coheed and Cambria) 04:12
Landslide (lullaby version of Fleetwod Mac) 03:16
Someone Like You (lullaby version of ADELE) 04:44
Have You Ever Seen The Rain (lullaby version of Creedence Clearwater Revival) 03:23
Who Am I (lullaby version of Casting Crowns) 04:15
With Arms Wide Open (lullaby version of Creed) 03:32
Fix You (lullaby version of Coldplay) 03:57
I'm Shipping Up To Boston (lullaby version of Dropkick Murphys) 03:00
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (lullaby version of Fall Out Boy) 04:05
Three Little Birds (lullaby version of Bob Marley) 03:59
Down With The Sickness (lullaby version of Disturbed) 04:10
Girl On Fire (lullaby version of Alicia Keys) 03:32
Change (In The House Of Flies)(lullaby version of Deftones) 04:00
Back In Black (lullaby version of AC/DC) 04:07
I Miss You (lullaby version of blink 182) 03:34
Glycerine (lullaby version of Bush) 03:39
Loser (lullaby version of Beck) 03:36
Complicated (lullaby version of Avril Lavigne) 04:40
When I Was Your Man (lullaby version of Bruno Mars) 03:09
Video Games (lullaby version of Lana Del Rey) 03:45
Friend Of The Devil (lullaby version of Grateful Dead) 04:18
Pull Me Under (lullaby version of Dream Theater) 04:04
Wake Up (lullaby version of Arcade Fire) 04:00
Hungry Like The Wolf (lullaby version of Duran Duran) 04:02
Ironic (lullaby version of Alanis Morissette) 03:22
Toxic (lullaby version of Britney Spears) 04:00
Forever (lullaby version of Ben Harper) 03:16
Judith (lullaby version of A Perfect Circle) 04:21
Ghosts N Stuff (lullaby version of deadmau5) 04:52
TTLRS Carry On 04:16
The Red (lullaby version of Chevelle) 04:16
Nightmare (lullaby version of Avenged Sevenfold) 04:01
Like A Rolling Stone (lullaby version of Bob Dylan) 04:34
Would (lullaby version of Alice In Chains) 03:18
Epic (lullaby version of Faith No More) 03:49
Enjoy The Silence (lullaby version of Depeche Mode) 04:08
TTLRS Dear God 04:00
TTLRS Welcome To The Family 03:18
TTLRS Beast And The Harlot 04:24
TTLRS So Far Away 02:51
TTLRS Nightmare 03:59
TTLRS A Little Piece Of Heaven 03:52
TTLRS Afterlife 04:09
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Lullaby Versions of deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff 04:50
TTLS Bat Country 03:31
TTLS Burried Alive 04:25