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the klinik dive

Premiere: The Klinik 'Moving Hands' (Helena Hauff remix) 03:48
The Klinik - Talking To A Stranger (Dark Side Extended Version) 04:08
The Klinik - Moving Hands (To Look Like The Dark Side Mix) 07:54
Guillotine Bars - Loss And Gain (Prod by The Klinik) 03:52
Creature VIP Ft ACE ONE X R - Juna X The Klinik (Produced by NICKLOVE) 04:45
THE KLINIK - Those 06:15
The Klinik - Moving Hands ANTLER091 03:55
Black Eddie - The God's Anthem Pt 2 feat DJ Spoolz (Prod by The Klinik) 03:47
Good Morning Amerikkka (Prod By The Klinik) 03:20
Clouded Vision Sunny Mental Prod By The Klinik 04:23
Stay - The Klinik (Morgan Blanc Edit)- FreeDonwload 04:27
Fever Outside The Klinik (Plastic Noise Experience Remix) 03:24
Anarchist (feat Eclyse) Prod The Klinik 03:02
802 Christmas Flip prod by The Klinik 02:43
The Klinik x Front Line Assembly x Der Prager Handgriff (Deep Dark Mix) 16:52
Escapism (Prod The Klinik) 04:21
Sick in Your Mind - The Klinik Cover 04:17
Amasia - Welcome To Amasia (feat The Klinik) 03:34
A Hundred Spokes Ft Sirius Black Peter Haze (Prod The Klinik) 04:38
Bday Everyday Ft G Granite Ace One (Prod The Klinik) 04:32
Alone In These Streets Boom 2G Ft Shortz freeAgent,No One(The Klinik) 05:42
Moving Hands(Live Brussel 2003)THE KLINIK cover 03:41
Snake Season by JHill and Idris produced by the Aficionadoz 04:30
Prepd 4 War by Shard City featuring Idris produced by the Aficionadoz 02:58
I gottem by Idris and JHill produced by the Aficionadoz 04:44
N the Buildin by Ace Boogie and Hathor Heff produced by the Aficionadoz 02:07
Them vs Us by Shard City and JHill producd by the Aficionadoz 02:55
Shades On by Free featuring Infinity Breed produced by the Aficionadoz 03:28
My Lane by Tre/ Chris Cash/ Motor City Mart/ EReal produced by the Aficionadoz 04:43
All Thant's On My Mind 05:24
FreesKript by Shard City produced by the Aficionadoz 01:48
Get the Money by the General/ Tre/ Craig produced by the Aficionadoz 04:01
Breakfast London Style 04:12
Live Acts 52:42
Test Dept - Exclusive mix for Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay 59:36
Body Music 35:20
Archives: July Mix (2001) Grovskopa 36:25
Absolute Body Control - Figures 04:33
L I E S podcast 012 ADMX-71 (Adam X) 24:19
Absolute Body Control - Waving Hands 05:02
Prequel Tapes - Secret Thirteen Mix 167 16:42
Urban Decay (DJ set, 2015) 47:28
Nightshade #51 - ALVAR - A Short Sharp Taste Ov Distress 56:29
ESOA Podcast 004 Soapespierre present Seyffarth 02:16