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Falling In Love 00:29
Queen Adam Lambert - Love Kills 04:16
All Your Love 00:29
Siti nurhaliza-falling in love Electro-(HITMAN BRYAN B REMIX by DJ Meckz) 04:44
Fight For Love 00:29
Falling In Love '''Siti Nurhaliza vs Dj Fizan''' 05:27
Queen Adam Lambert - I Was Born To Love You (Supersonic Korea) 03:52
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 02:32
Siti Nurhaliza - Badarsila 04:27
Diary Of Siti Nurbaya - I Dont Have Courage To Say I Love You (New Version) 03:44
♈ă ON OH My Love ! 2019 Rizky BREAKS Ft Pak Nell - req -#Siti Destria 01:56
Siti Nurhaliza - Falling in Love 02:56
Jerat Cinta( Love Trap) Siti Nuhaliza- cover by Kenny 03:08
Unusual Love - Siti Nurhaliza cover by me 02:36
How To Love By Siti Slicka 01:19
THE SITI JULAEHA - Love Song (311) Live 04:04
Siti Nurhaliza - Bicara Manis Menghiris Kalbu 04:41
THE SITI JULAEHA - Love Song Acoustic Covering (The Cure) 03:56
Make You Feel My Love (ft Siti Adriana) 03:28
Falling in love-siti nurhaliza(dady dj joe remix) 03:32
MashUp - Ku Mahu/Ku Milikmu/Crazy In Love (Siti Nurhaliza Beyonce) by Jay Chan 01:55
Love the way you Masyitah 01:25
Siti Mariam - Baby I Love You (Cover) 03:59
Siti - I didn't know i was looking for love 00:53
When you love someone (dydy,yana,uung,siti,tulva) cover 01:55
Zahidah - First Love 03:19
Siti Nurhaliza- Bukan Cinta Biasa (Not Ordinary Love) 04:28
(Cover) It's okay that's love - Davichi 03:50
Diary Of Siti Nurbaya - I Dont Have A Courage To Say I Love You 03:42
Taeyeon - I Love You (cover by me) 03:05
siti nurhaliza air mata ibu (mugiri short cover) selamat hari u mom 01:05
Maudy Ayunda - First Love 01:22
I Love The Way You Lie (short vers ) 00:33
how to love (cover) 01:51
Lost In Love - SNSD Cover 03:48
How To Love ♥♥♥ - Lil Wayne ♥♥ 00:53
I Will Always Love You-sitikhaliza 04:35
i still love you 04:30
GebbyNaty - As Long As You Love Me 02:48
Siti Badriah - suamiku kawin l 07:13
Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez (Cover by Ateu Kinshi Siti) 03:09
Hyorin - I Choose To Love You r 01:58
starting now,I love you(cover by me) 03:00
Love On Top CTNurhaliza11 04:28
Blink - love you kamu 03:30
Reminds me of Love - Sheryl (Covering) 01:07
I don't love you - MCR (cover) guitared by kak kiki 03:39
I Love U Oh Thank U(feat ���� 04:13
Close (Love Hurts) 04:26
The Power Of Love - Celine Dion (Imah Cover) 05:35
EPIK HIGH - Love Love Love 03:51
Love Is An Open Door Cover (Mei feat Rina) 01:53
Love Me For Me 03:36
Sweet as my love 05:03
When U Love Someone By Riri (cover Song) 04:38
(cover) Love is you cherrybelle 03:36
02 What Is Love 04:21
Ailee - I'm in Love (short cover) 01:44
05 Love, Love, Love 03:53
Could It Be Love 03:13
Saying I Love U 01:18
Still In Love - Brian Mcknight (cover) 03:35
Suzy Miss A - I Still Love You (Cover, No Music) 수지 - 그래도 사랑해 04:33
A Love That Will Last (cover) 03:27
Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin 02:27
Birdy - Skinny Love - (acoustic Piano) 03:56
Love me like you do cover 04:02
Sitifahrani-love like a love song(cover) 02:59
Love the way You lie - Rihanna (cover acoustic) 01:38
Summer Love 03:26
Our Love Like This (in Guk Ft Eunji) 04:16
(Cover) Davichi - Cry For Love 01:39
Love Is You - Ten2Five (Cover) 03:16
Skinny Love (Short - Birdy Cover) 01:23
She Will Be Love 01:09
Love Yourself 03:39
Ailee (에일리) - I'm in love (아임 인 러브) (2LSON Cover) 04:23
When You Love Someone - Endah (Cover By Abilhaha) 02:23
Bizarre love triangle 03:07
Make You Feel My Love by Adele cover 03:02
Make You Feel My Love - Adele Cover 02:27
we could be in love (short cover) 01:21
Lagi Iseng Malem-malem Nyanyi Endless Love 01:17
Love Your Self (Cover) 00:41
You Are My Love (ost Lie To Me Korean Drama) 00:41
Raissa-could it be love 02:11
Endless Love Piano Vesion - The Heir 04:18
Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande ( Cover by Abe) 3gpp 01:14
Still In Love 04:12
When you love someone cover by Sarah 02:08
When u love someone 01:21
Ten2Five - Love Is You (short Vers ) 00:38
Love Me Like You Do-Ellie Goulding(cover) 02:48
Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding Cover 04:08
Soeun Jaerim Love Serenade 02:53
Cover Stand up for love - Destiny's Child 01:58
Love You To Death mp3 03:25
Let me love you - justin bieber (ft Marcos) 03:22
Ulala Session Goodbye Love + Sad Instrumental 01:49
greatest love of all-_-v 00:59
Cover I love u like a love song by Selena Gomez 03:08
Love yourself-Justin Bieber cover by Leroy Sanchez 03:58
Adele - Love Song (short Cover) 02:16
i love you pou 00:07
Ost Descendant of the Sun - This Love - Duet bareng Vanessa Axelia The Voice Indonesia 03:36
Touch Love ost Master's sun - cover by Juli short ver 01:57
Kak Salmmaaaa - First Love 00:59
Love urself 01:22
Lost In Love By SNSD - Imhe (cover) 03:47
Hate is love 02:09
Love the way you lie 01:16
Summer Love at sarah's room 02:14
Love Story (Cover) at SDN 06 PG 01:02
I Love It - Icona Pop (acoustic cover) -trika 02:43
シャボン - アップデート Sabão - UpdateItazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo OST (Cover By Me) 04:03
Westlife - My Love (tamii cover) 01:08
Make You Feel My Love 02:02
Lyn - Love Me For Me Cover 03:21
Can't Help Falling In Love With You 02:58
Greatest Love Of All Whitney Houston Cover 04:36
Falling In Love With You 03:02
Narsha -I'm In Love cover 01:52
celine dion_because you love me(cover me) 03:09
Raisa - Love you longer (cover) 03:34
Can't Help Falling in Love (Cover) 02:48
Endah feat rhesa - When you love someone 04:33
I Need Your Love Ha Ha Ha 00:28
To love you more 04:51
love on top 01:27
Najwa Latiff - i love you (cover) 02:17
Immortal love song (cover by me) 02:11
as long as you love me (cover) 02:13
Siti Nurhaliza - Percayalah 04:51
MAD Love Distance 04:27
Siti 03:42
2PM - I Can't Forget You Love 01:51
I love you 03:30
Ayumi hamasaki- First love ( cover ) 01:45
love suara 03:52
Ailee - goodby My Love (cover vocal by me ) 04:15
Stand Up For Love Ft morza_RA1 PRACT 04:20
Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande (Cover) 01:43
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) 01:30
Beyonce - Crazy In Love 2014 Cover 02:58
One Love BLUE at Bandung 03:20
Love Yourself(Cover) 04:00
Love - Keyshia Cole Cover 04:08
As Long As You Love Me Cover 03:21
First Love - Utada Hikaru 04:52
(Cover) EXO - What Is Love 04:13
BIGBANG - Let's not fall in love 03:32
Let's Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro (cover) 03:41
Fly Love - Jamie Foxx (Rio Soundtrack) cover 01:14
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You Cover 01:33
As Long As You Love Me - JB Ft Big Sean (cover) 03:24
When You Love Someone (cover iseng Pulang Ngampus) 03:40
Love me harder(no instrument)-cover 01:17
we found love ! repost~ 01:29
Love Yourself Cover by A2 (Ani Ahra) 03:51
When u love someone - endah and rhesa cover 02:50
Skinny Love - Birdy cover by Isma 03:09
Love your self-sapotong 00:32
Alika- Aku pergi #pop #bash #cover #love #sad #memories 03:22
K-will - you don't know Love (cover) 03:54
Touch love-Ost Master's sun Cover by Juli 01:31
Cover Ada Band Intim Bedua #hiphop #dance #hy #love #rnb 00:16
Cherry Belle _ Love Is You 01:08
Make u feel my love - adele cover 03:25
Love Day (Cover as Eunji)feat Yoseob 03:53
Nanda Zuhri - First Love 04:37
Bahasa Kalbu (cover by ayu) at Love 02:02
Love blossom k will (cover) at #kpop#asalasalan#k will 03:38
Bizzare Love Triangle Cover By: Yusrina Feat Eka 02:02
Hijab I'm In Love 04:25
When you love someone cover 01:30
Make you feel my love(short) 00:48
Thank u for teaching me everything giving me strength to ma mat malam,I love u ma 01:07
White Horse / Love story 01:24
Bubble Gum Cober CJR #hy #love #rnb #pop 00:26
Ost Master's sun-Touch love Cover by Juli 03:49
the way to love me isn't hard Jungri imagine 03:42
As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic) Karaoke 03:45
Taeyeon - I Love You (cover vocal by me ) 03:04
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Female Key) Piano 04:06
When You Love Someone - SitiA 03:42
hy b'day ibu : love you 01:05