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national anthem of china

National Anthem Of The Republic Of China (Taiwan) 01:36
National Anthem of Republic of China 01:37
1 National Anthem Of People's Republic Of China 00:55
National Anthem Of Republic Of China 1912 - 1949 01:09
National anthem of China People's Republic 01:36
National Anthem of the People's Republic of China 00:53
National Anthem of People's Republic of China 00:59
National Anthem of China violin 01:26
China - Chinese National Anthem(1) 02:13
Anthem of the Peoples Republic of China 00:47
Republic Of China Anthem Remix(Don't Forget April 7 1989) 02:56
中華民國國旗歌 -- National Banner Song Of The Republic Of China 01:26
China National Anthem 01:47
Alberto Monnar - China National Anthem (中國國歌) 00:46
Chinese National Anthem (China - March of the Volunteers) 00:39
Chinese VO The National Palace Museum of China Maxiao 03:29
The National Youth Orchestra of China - Ye 03:52
National Pride is at Heart of China and Japan Dispute Over Islands 07:20
The National Youth Orchestra of China - Long 15:37
The National Youth Orchestra of China - Dvořák 09:51
China National Anthem (8Bits) 00:45
Guangdong National Orchestra Of China 00:51
China's national anthem, The March of the Volunteers, 义勇军进行曲, 義勇軍進行曲 01:36
China's National Anthem 00:44
36 Unit 9 Song China National Anthem P62 01:17
HK Express: China National Anthem - 【中港快訊】人大通過國歌法 06:07
China - Yiyongjun Jinxingqu - Chinese National Anthem ( March of the Volunteers ) 00:41
05 Track 5 China's National Anthem 02:28
Mutual Misperceptions of China and the United States with Zha Daojiong 12:55
Heart of Buddha, Heart of China: The Life of Tanxu, a Twentieth Century Monk 24:34
Himno Nacional de Cuba - National Anthem of Cuba - Harmonica 01:10
The Souls of China: Religion in China After Mao, with Ian Johnson 13:31
Xinran Xue: the good women of China 07:10
Hong Kong in the Shadow of China: Richard Bush 08:05
The Five Personalities of China 47:53
The Vision Of China 32:44
March of the Volunteers 01:27
Roseann Lake on the Leftover Women of China 17:53
The East Is Red (东方红), Mao's national anthem during the Cultural Revolution - worryingly nice! 01:11
Chinese national anthem 01:22
News Encyclopedia: National Anthem protocols around the world 03:53
China: March of the Volunteers 01:27
China 00:43
Mook is Murder Main Theme 00:50