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free dominguez

SINGLE #1 for VOLCANO+THE SEA ( Beautiful ) 04:29
Mr Goodnight 04:49
Indigo Blue Album Sampler (unmastered) 08:52
Silence Free Dominguez iphone first time playing with Ray Porter since 2006 04:35
Heart Of Gold by Neil Young Cover (demo) Free Dominguez 03:41
01 Simple Life (iphone rehearsal recording) acoustic DEMO! 04:30
Whisky (feat Kaila Mullady) iphone demo 03:45
Weightless (Alain Johannes remix) Indigo Blue Album sample 01:16
Map and a Light (Beta Machine Remix) sample 01:14
Free Dominguez guest on RADIO SHOW INDIE 100 Rocky + The Hadz 00:00
Indigo Blue Josh One + Beat Ventriloquists remix sample 01:42
Skype conversation (excerpt) 10:49
iPhone beatboxing jam of Moonlight with Kaila Mullady 01:30
Calling (Rehearsal iphone w STATIC) demo 03:59
Free Dominguez - Darkest Rivers katarrhaktes remix 03:57
Free Dominguez - Wolf (Beat Ventriloquists Remix) 04:21
Unfolding (feat Free Dominguez) 05:04
Beat Ventriloquists (feat Free Dominguez)- Unfolding 05:08
Free Dominguez - Map And A Light 04:27
Free Dominguez - The Great Escape (produced and mixed by J J Blair) 05:32
Free Dominguez, The Maniac Agenda — Stranger I Remain (Proto Bootleg) 04:52
Mi Corazon Brilla feat Free Dominguez 04:28
The Invisible Plan 04:23
Never and Me 04:00
THE MEND sample teaser, not final mixed, unmastered 04:19
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 04:23
Kidneythieves - Lick U Clean (Beat Ventriloquists Remix) 04:03
No Exemptions 02:24
Wolf N Sheeps Clothing 04:23
Above 04:05