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derek warfield the wolfe tones

Come Out Ye Black 'n' Tans 04:33
The Rocky Road to Dublin 03:44
Back Home In Derry 04:10
The Flower Of Scotland 04:31
Celtic Symphony Performed By Derek Warfield The Young Wolfe Tones 04:37
The Dying Rebel 04:23
Song Of The Celts 03:39
The Flight Of The Earls 04:49
Over Here Over There 04:53
Farewell To Ireland (Reel) 03:33
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda 05:41
06 Garryowen 03:35
Mountains Of Pomeroy (Song) 04:32
The Stone Of Destiny Set (Reels) 03:20
Captain Molly Pitcher 04:51
Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones at Ri Ra Irish Pub and Restaurant 01:11
The Ballad Of Newgrange (Bru Na Boinne) 05:24
Australian Waters Maude Millar's Spirits Of Wine (Reels) 03:50
Oh Susanna, Ralf's Reel 04:17
The Battle of Kings Mountain 04:27
The Hair in the Gate/Maggie's Reel 04:53
RADIO REBEL GAEL - Radio Rebel Gael Presents :REMEMBER 1916 (made with Spreaker) 59:50
Elvis Dracula Mix 1 26:31
Senator Fintan Warfield 25:38