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childish billy and the singing loins

I Don't Like The Man I Am 02:24
The Ferry Man (Zeebrugge) 03:40
Every Bit Of Me 02:34
One More Bottle To Drink 03:34
The Hanged Man's Dance 02:30
You Make Me Die 02:07
Dragging Through This 01:52
The Bitter Cup 03:16
Brimful Of Hate 02:11
One Day You Die 02:09
The Double Axe 02:12
At The Bridge 03:33
Somebody Else 01:16
Pocahontas Was Her Name 04:14
I Don't Like The Man That I Am 02:24
One more bottle to drink - The Dolomites 03:17
The Damaged Goods Records Story Part 2 47:24