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AAS Podcast: World Malaria Day 2017 with Prof Kevin Marsh 12:22
H3Africa Webinar Q A Session 09/03/2017 06:26
African Ghost Valley - North Natural Sciences 04:55
African Color Sciences V2 03 03:30
African Color Sciences V2 06 03:30
Natural Sciences // NTS // June: African Ghost Valley Broken Transmission Version 00:01
African Color Sciences V2 27 03:30
African Color Sciences V2 10 03:30
African Color Sciences V2 26 03:30
African Color Sciences V2 02 03:30
African-Americans in US Computing Sciences Workforce 04:49
Launch of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences(AIMS) | Kigali, 13 March 2017 10:09
Professor Turok, who founded the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences 12:01
African Ghost Valley - RES 1 02:57
African Ghost Valley - Colony (Natural018) -- SNIPPETS 07:44
B2 Kinetic Energy feat Afrikan Sciences (clip) 01:58
Panel Discussion on Decolonisation in the Sciences 11:19
Afrikan Sciences Sassacyprigo - LIVE at ISSUE / March 31st, 2018 41:15
A Lecture on Children, Youth Migration, from the Congress of the Humanities Social Sciences 2016 59:41
Alex Kibara – PSU Health Sciences Student And Immigrant From Meru Kenya 00:02
HSS Awards 2019 - Prof Sarah Mosoetsa Interview On Kaya FM 2:09:19 17:10
Peacebuilding in Africa: African Scholars debate core issues 26:16
Food security in a world full of infections, by Professor John Fazakerley 50:27
New Faculty 2013:Meet DaMaris Hill 04:14
New Faculty 2013: Meet Chamara Jewel Kwakye 03:34
Verlaine - Diane Soobroydoo Discusses African Women Leaders Forum For Africa's Transformation 13:23
The Outta Limits Radio Show with Damo B 51:19
Achille Mbembe on xenophobia and violence 12:37
Alexandra Hiropoulos on xenophobia and violence 09:39
Eric Worby on xenophobia and violence 08:47
Panel Discussion on Peacebuilding in Africa 26:16
Tara Polzer-Ngwato on xenophobia and violence 10:00
Emma Monama on xenophobia and violence 08:33
Maxim Bolt on xenophobia and violence 10:05
Rhodes Must Fall : South African universities as sites of struggle Audio 29:38
Is South African Society More Equal Today Than When Apartheid Ended in 1994 Audio 23:11
Mark Fleisher's Living Black: Social Life in an African American Neighborhood 13:13
Combatants and the State: Insights from the Central African Republic and Chad 59:31
Viccnotes African Liberation Day 1 57:30
American University's New African American and African Diaspora Major 00:47
Margaret Malamud: Communities for Empowerment: Antebellum African American Lit Debating Societies 37:24
FSU Researchers: Savanna Fires Pump Central African Forests Full Of Nitrogen 03:30
Beyond the Periphery: Unpacking African Agency in Global Politics 11:35
Link African labs to industry, says Mauritian president 13:41
The Future of African Leadership and Education in the 21st Century | Fred Swaniker 01:31
Ep 06: Celine Jacquemin on the role of African Studies and Africa in IR 23:37
Diversity and Freedom of Expression in African and Finnish Media, part 2 19:47
Viccnotes African Liberation Day 3 03:20
The Year that Was in African News Stories 12:58
African cosmopolitanism: migration and cosmopolitics (Mehdi Alioua) 12:05
High-Risk African American Adolescents - Dr Amber Hewitt 00:59
Africa Now Oct 12, 2016 African World's Hist Cult on the U S Nat'l Mall; Unrest in Ethiopia 54:03
Viccnotes African Liberation Day 2 59:49
Forging global links to support South African research 08:33
Episode 019: Healthy Eating the African Way with Cordialis Msora-Kasago 59:53
Episode 164 - Kalisha Bonds: African Americans and Dementia 39:06
SA casting director Moonyeenn Lee invited to join the academy of motion 05:09
Reflections on the anti-apartheid struggle and two decades of South African democracy Audio 30:07
Keynote: Susan Parnell on African urban research 51:25
Global Notes: The music of the Central African Republic 12:12
Tues , Feb 4, 2014: Black History Month--The Future of the African American 50:48
03 - 17 International students at UofL; How drug policy impacts HIV in African Americansn 30:00
Chris Barrett | Poverty, Progress and Puzzles in African Agriculture 07:13
This weeks' extraordinary South African, Dr Vuyani Mhlomi 13:42
AU New African American Studies Major Re-do 00:40
Tommy Finger Jr ES-025 04:43
Dekmantel Podcast 053 - Bill Kouligas 26:21
The Science Of: South Africa's food systems 20:30
Ke Rekisitse 01:00
No Life On The Streets Street Is Street 04:57
The 21st: #BlackScienceMatters 33:43
Se Menye Tina 01:47
╰ ╰ B a L A █████ N c╰ ╰ opening set 52:59
Black Liberation and the Crisis of Capital 47:33
My Life With The Wave Show 3 10:00
White To White: Why Many Whites Do Not See Racism 24:26
Human Trafficking realities in Sierra Leone - David Yambasu 05:06
The Cashmere Effect #41 w/ EPS1 00:00
Young, Black, and Female: Blazing a Trail at MIT 00:46
Darko Esser - Techno Therapy 11 11 11 Podcast 02:37
Decibel Podcast#02 // Teo Naddi - 56' Through Gloom 56:28
CLUBBERIA(CB149) 01:16
Uganda Elections: Museveni Wins – AGAIN! 11:37
The Political Processes w/ Dr Melynda Price - 2/15/16 37:44
Wendi Manuel-Scott: New Student Convocation Keynote 2014 14:05
Wake Up With WURD 6 17 15 - Jamiles Lartey 12:10
pcpaccounts_0 mp3 18:20
Religion and Earthquakes 27:49
Militant Masks in Nigeria Youth and Insecurity in the Niger Delta 54:51
Focus On CBC Health Services 26 06 18 25:01
Veronica Belmont 09:31
ISM – “Third Termism” 24:55
Episode #1 | Balance and Transformation Podcast | Introduction 29:25
How Europe's colonial past helps China in Africa 44:58
Witchcraft Course At University 04:14
Danielle N Lee: Working twice as hard 15:21
Sports - Health Incentive -Dr Amy Bass 01:00
Dr Corey Walker On Colin Kaepernick's Protests Intv With D Byrd 06:55
PM Live Weekend Edition 24th December 2016 23:34
UIUC Introduces New Chancellor 06:02
Rroxymore / Absolute Ego Dance 10:38
SSCK (Mawimbi) Mix for Hartzine (February 2014) 00:08
Brian Fisher: Living With The Pygmies 12:23
PM Live Today 21st September 2015 15:19
Mark Heywood - HIV prevalence increases 05:29
GBG Wax Trax #166 med Thobias 53:40
Young Entrepreneur: Thulile Khanyile 29:24
BeyondHeadlines Sci - Dev In Kenya 14:43
Solutions to our hunger problem and food wastage 07:36
Alzheimers Screening 13:50
PDX Black Film Fest Picks With David F Walker 22:02
Hollywood Live Extra #9: Conversation with Director Charles Burnett 21:03
Science of crime: Is forensics science in the press accurate 33:18
6 Aug - Human Rights for People with Mental Illness 34:28
Discussion of Ava DuVernay’s Film, “The 13th” | AshCast 53:58
Imani Perry - Prophets of the Hood: Politics and Poetics in Hip Hop 50:41
Education is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time 53:08
Holding Lightly 25:53
'Get Out' Opening Chicago Audiences Eyes to Underlying Stories on Race 04:17
Diversity and Explorations 2018: Keynote by Jacob Olupona 35:50
Voces Críticas ~ Alexandra Moore Nov 22 2018 14:59
Thierry Zomahoun: Africa is looking for its Einsteins 08:29
The Upside: Collaborate with Julio Desmont, Jude Desmond, and Judy Wolf 39:43
Ofuren -Mind jazz explorations EP-Deep Explorer 034 05:50
Race Declassified: Post-Racial Divisions with UCLA Law Professor Cheryl Harris 53:42
Conversations- Freerotation 2015 Resonance 104 4 FM 59:57
Panel 2: Decolonial subjecthood: A way of studying emancipatory agency beyond subaltern resistance 49:14
Interview with SPEED Director Part 1 26:19
WMSC Public Affairs: It's Not A Race It's A Marathon 00:22
How Zebras Can Help Us Understand Anthrax Transmission, with Wendy Turner 14:17
Governance and Security in the Sahel - Panel I et II 32:01
B1 Altered Visions (clip) 01:59
A short talk in english Khutbah by Dr Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad(Palestine) 39:54
From “having” to “being”: self worth and the current crisis of American society Audio 32:47
The Politics of Remembering: The Many Diasporas of Africa 24:50
State budget cuts will affect sickle cell patients 15:42
Ganesha ft Srikalogy 05:04
United Africa: Prof Mammo Muchie 28:27
Hout Bay House built in 23 days 04:34
Wake Up With WURD 11 9 15 - Timothy Welbeck And Nayo Jones 18:25
FAMU, FSU, TCC to Co-host Third Annual Discovery on Parade 03:30
L’Afrique du Sud post-apartheid 1994-2014 : actions, bilan et défis (panel II et III) 08:34
Q A: Investing in science to reduce conflict in Africa 07:56
FreshEd #62 - Career Advice from Joel Samoff 15:27
Is Colin Kaepernick a good democrat 26:34
Gilroy At WK Berlin 04:33
The Future of Capitalism Audio 19:19
In Black America Podcast: A Texas Trailblazer: The late Dr Alfred N Poindexter Jr 29:00
Africa and Contemporary Antisemitism 25:47
Voces Critícas ~ Patricia Pinho Feb 08 2018 21:37
Parrots and People in Dutch Genre Paintings: A Discussion w/ Dr Irene Pepperberg 44:30
Radio Pari #16 - 04 04 16 55:20
Religion or Science How Early Muslim Thinkers Understood the Hidden Worlds 48:44
A2 Ether (clip) 01:55
024: I've always had a thing for the Warrior Spirit – Marco Reininger 31:42
FATPOD-38 - Juno6 06:32
A1 Akebu - Lan (clip) 02:01
The Complexities of Tania León 10:37
Public health and behavioral economics 28:05
Masterklass #8 - JazzYouCanDanceTo by Lefto 45:24
Notes de bas de page #5 - G Bachelard - La Formation de l'Esprit Scientifique / Mixtape 35:16
The Social-Cultural Foundation of the 21st Century New Pan-Africanist Consciousness Audio 31:05
ALD May 25 Pt3 ly Dr Akinshegun 47:33
Souleymane Bachir Diagne's The Ink of the Scholars: Reflections on Philosophy in Africa 45:46
Ubuntu Peoples Podcast, Ep #80--Dr Blair Kelley: Sailing Black Dissent in The Constancy of America 55:42
DJ Healing - Radar Radio - 10th October 2016 00:25
After #OscarSoWhite, Academy seeks new class of women and diverse members 16:43
Dec 14, 2017: Public health and behavioral economics 28:05
Frequencies Podcast #19: Simona Faraone 45:19
ALD May 25 Pt2 Songstress SNelson Youth Gov Proclamation 25:00
Elevator Chat Episode 1 -Contemporary Politics and Social Media in Africa 04:57
Is #OscarsSoWhite creating ageist consequences 15:05
Recovering Foreign Language Study for the Humanities Through Curricular Thinking 42:28
FreshEd #58 - Re-thinking Evaluations in Aid to Education (Joel Samoff) 35:55
Guest: Dr Kehinde Andrews -Resisting racism: race, inequality and the Black supplementary 58:56
Seminar 2: Beyond the Right to Life: Disability Personhood and Participation 49:27
AirTalk asks: What are the racial attributes of dreadlocks 22:24
VICCNotes May26Pt2 52:44
Mistaken Identities 05:30
Q A: Rolling out malaria vaccine research across Africa 08:42
The Long View of Sports Protests 33:50
Region | Day 1 FLOATS Meeting | Lesvos, Greece 06:41